‘Homeland’ at Damer House Gallery in Collaboration with LOOP Festival Barcelona

Declaration of the Dead Republic will be exhibited in the 2016 Homeland exhibition at Damer House Gallery, in collaboration with LOOP Barcelona. The exhibition opens on Saturday 18th June and will run until the 7th July.

homeland image


Residency at Werkhuis de Raaf

Open House: sharing work-in-progress from my residency at Werkhuis de Raaf.

Jessica Kelly Werkhuis de Raaf

“Wish You Were Here”

New postcards. Video still from The Worst Possible News, part of my Master’s series Over & Over.


Recent Exhibitions in Dublin and Ghent

190 A

MAP 18

All Structures Are Unstable

All Structures Are Unstable was a collaboration with Swedish dance artist, Maria Svensson, made during our residency in Daghdha Dance Company.  It was recently re-screened at If Only in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, Offaly.

Four Creatures With Four Faces

This is the video I showed at Straying Closer To The Truth in Multyfarnham last November.

What The Fuck Is VJing?!


Last Wednesday I performed at the opening of the Video Black group exhibition in the Joinery, which is part of DEAF 2008.


What The Fuck Is VJing?! is a project about… VJing. The title comes from the usual response I get from people when I tell them that I’m a VJ. For the project, I’ve been traveling to gigs in Dublin and Belfast, meeting other VJs, filming their sets and interviews about what we do and what it’s about.

We talked a lot about the potential of VJing as an emergent art form, and had less serious chats about our best and worst VJ moments, as well as more general topics such as the merits of using sampled clips and the merits of dividing VJs into genres…

When it came to presenting it all to the public it made sense to do a VJ set of the footage rather than make a conventional video, so on opening night I rocked into the Joinery with Dazboy, who very kindly did DJ duty for the night (thank you Daz!). It was a lot of fun.

The VJs who let me feature them in conversation and at work are: Christian S, Cool Hand Loop, Fisherprice, Ghost, Mercury Boy, Shakinda, Q The Monkey, Razz and Steve (Stasis). They all do their own thing and have different takes on the different aspects of the scene, so I’m going to post up the full interview transcripts here soon.

In the meantime, the video version of What The Fuck Is VJing?! is still in the Joinery until Saturday 1 November.


Video Black Poster

Video Black Poster