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Buzzing in Brussels

I’m currently doing an internship with Needcompany in Brussels.

They came to Dublin once, in 2004, and I was lucky enough to see No Comment at the Samuel Beckett Theatre. I was utterly captivated and inspired, so it’s exciting to connect with them now.

The Company I’m Keeping These days

I’ve been living in Limerick since September for a one year artist residency with Daghdha Dance Company.

Meet the crew.

Recent(ish) Visuals

Not Dead Yet

A friend of mine was trying to find this blog and instead she found this:

Records show struggling artist Jessica Kelly disappeared on July 10, 2008; blood splattered all over her home implied she was dead. The Temporal Enforcement Agency (TEA) believes an illegal time Jumper killed her to drive the value of her paintings sky high; they think this time killer also took some of her work into the future.

I’d just like to clarify that I am not dead, nor do I engage in painting activity or time travelling of any sort.

Jessica Kelly, 8th July 2008.