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VIDEO POOL is a open studio, work-in-progress event, which is part of an ongoing collaboration with Mary-Jo Gilligan.

We are working together on ‘A Dancer Drowned’, a project about movement and immersion in an interconnected world. As part of our process, we share videos with each other on these themes and at VIDEO POOL we invite others to join us for an informal screening and conversation.

VIDEO POOL #2 will take place this Sunday, 20th March at 7:30pm in Ormond Studios. If you’d like to come, send an email to

VIDEO POOL #2 event on Facebook


Residency at Werkhuis de Raaf

Open House: sharing work-in-progress from my residency at Werkhuis de Raaf.

Jessica Kelly Werkhuis de Raaf

KASK Graduation 2014

My Master’s project is currently exhibited as part of Graduation 2014 in KASK. Over & Over is a series of hyper short video loops presented as an installation in the Tramzwart corridor (Multimedia).

Expo 1

Coming Soon: LOVEDOLL / Meine Ruh’ ist hin

Lovedoll Preview

LOVEDOLL / Meine Ruh’ ist hin, is a new video I’m working on in collaboration with Elisabeth Van Dam, with music by Laurens Marien of Soldier’s Heart.

All Structures Are Unstable

All Structures Are Unstable was a collaboration with Swedish dance artist, Maria Svensson, made during our residency in Daghdha Dance Company.  It was recently re-screened at If Only in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, Offaly.

MILLIPEDE: 1 April in Occupy Space

MILLIPEDE: an evening that stomps and kicks, dances and sings.

An evening of movement and noise I hosted in Occupy Space last Friday:

Thanks to Robin Parmar for taking pictures on the night.

Capturing Kaspar – Video Stills

Some stills from ‘Capturing Kaspar’, a video I shot last winter with the irrepressible Kaspar Aus…