‘Wayward Fruit Tree’ at Ormond Studios, Dublin


My work was recently exhibited in the ‘Wayward Fruit Tree’ exhibition at Ormond Studios.


‘Fragmented Identities’ Exhibition in Borders Festival, Venice Art House

LOVEDOLL, a video collaboration with Elisabeth Van Dam, is currently exhibited in ‘Fragmented Identities‘ at Venice Art House, as part of the Borders Festival.

‘Homeland’ at Damer House Gallery in Collaboration with LOOP Festival Barcelona

Declaration of the Dead Republic will be exhibited in the 2016 Homeland exhibition at Damer House Gallery, in collaboration with LOOP Barcelona. The exhibition opens on Saturday 18th June and will run until the 7th July.

homeland image

‘2016…’ Exhibition in Ormond Studios

My new work Declaration of the Dead Republic is currently exhibited in 2016…, a group show in Ormond Studios.


KASK Graduation 2014

My Master’s project is currently exhibited as part of Graduation 2014 in KASK. Over & Over is a series of hyper short video loops presented as an installation in the Tramzwart corridor (Multimedia).

Expo 1

Recent Exhibitions in Dublin and Ghent

190 A

MAP 18

MILLIPEDE: 1 April in Occupy Space

MILLIPEDE: an evening that stomps and kicks, dances and sings.

An evening of movement and noise I hosted in Occupy Space last Friday:

Thanks to Robin Parmar for taking pictures on the night.