‘(phe)NOM(e)NON’ at the Guesthouse Project, Cork

pheNOMeNON web med

(phe)NOM(e)NON, an event created with Chloe Brenan and Irene Murphy, took place in The Guesthouse Project on 20th June:

(phe)NOM(e)NON is an edible, visual, social concoction taking place over one evening in the Guesthouse Project in Cork city.

The concept of the Greek vase as an emblematic ‘Thing’, a something formed around a central void, a vessel for nothing, shall serve as a catalyst for proceedings. Guests are invited to contemplate the abyss through the conventions of a dinner party. Empty entrées and canapés of existential crisis, accompanied by bubbles and visual fizz set the scene for sparkling conversation and nothingness. A feast for the eyes and food for thought…

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