‘Homeland’ at Damer House Gallery in Collaboration with LOOP Festival Barcelona

Declaration of the Dead Republic will be exhibited in the 2016 Homeland exhibition at Damer House Gallery, in collaboration with LOOP Barcelona. The exhibition opens on Saturday 18th June and will run until the 7th July.

homeland image

Residency in Dance Limerick

This week I am working in Dance Limerick, on a short residency with Mary-Jo Gilligan.


Video Pool 2 image

VIDEO POOL is a open studio, work-in-progress event, which is part of an ongoing collaboration with Mary-Jo Gilligan.

We are working together on ‘A Dancer Drowned’, a project about movement and immersion in an interconnected world. As part of our process, we share videos with each other on these themes and at VIDEO POOL we invite others to join us for an informal screening and conversation.

VIDEO POOL #2 will take place this Sunday, 20th March at 7:30pm in Ormond Studios. If you’d like to come, send an email to ormondartists@gmail.com.

VIDEO POOL #2 event on Facebook

‘2016…’ Exhibition in Ormond Studios

My new work Declaration of the Dead Republic is currently exhibited in 2016…, a group show in Ormond Studios.


Residency at Werkhuis de Raaf

Open House: sharing work-in-progress from my residency at Werkhuis de Raaf.

Jessica Kelly Werkhuis de Raaf

Corp_Real Symposium at Galway Dance Days 2015

I’ll be presenting a paper at the Corp_Real Symposium, as part of Galway Dance Days 2015: Bodies in Conflict. “Occupation, Resistance and the Land of the Transhorizon” will be shared at The Conflict of Practice panel on the 27th of March, alongside Dr. Mark Hamilton (Regent’s University) and dance artist Ella Clarke.

Member of Ormond Studios

In January I joined Ormond Studios as a member. Ormond is a co-operatively run artist-led space in Dublin city centre. Apart from the members’ studios, it’s also an occasional exhibition space and frequent host to artist talks and presentations.


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