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Zine: ‘Postcards From…’

I have recently collaborated with Nollaig Molloy and Philip Kavanagh to create a mini zine, Postcards From…, which we distributed at the Culture Night event in StArt Studios, on 16th September.

‘Wayward Fruit Tree’ at Ormond Studios, Dublin


My work was recently exhibited in the ‘Wayward Fruit Tree’ exhibition at Ormond Studios.

‘Fragmented Identities’ Exhibition in Borders Festival, Venice Art House

LOVEDOLL, a video collaboration with Elisabeth Van Dam, is currently exhibited in ‘Fragmented Identities‘ at Venice Art House, as part of the Borders Festival.

‘(phe)NOM(e)NON’ at the Guesthouse Project, Cork

pheNOMeNON web med

(phe)NOM(e)NON, an event created with Chloe Brenan and Irene Murphy, took place in The Guesthouse Project on 20th June:

(phe)NOM(e)NON is an edible, visual, social concoction taking place over one evening in the Guesthouse Project in Cork city.

The concept of the Greek vase as an emblematic ‘Thing’, a something formed around a central void, a vessel for nothing, shall serve as a catalyst for proceedings. Guests are invited to contemplate the abyss through the conventions of a dinner party. Empty entrées and canapés of existential crisis, accompanied by bubbles and visual fizz set the scene for sparkling conversation and nothingness. A feast for the eyes and food for thought…

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‘Homeland’ at Damer House Gallery in Collaboration with LOOP Festival Barcelona

Declaration of the Dead Republic will be exhibited in the 2016 Homeland exhibition at Damer House Gallery, in collaboration with LOOP Barcelona. The exhibition opens on Saturday 18th June and will run until the 7th July.

homeland image

Residency in Dance Limerick

This week I am working in Dance Limerick, on a short residency with Mary-Jo Gilligan.