Coming Soon: LOVEDOLL / Meine Ruh’ ist hin

Lovedoll Preview

LOVEDOLL / Meine Ruh’ ist hin, is a new video I’m working on in collaboration with Elisabeth Van Dam, with music by Laurens Marien of Soldier’s Heart.

Recent Exhibitions in Dublin and Ghent

190 A

MAP 18

Buzzing in Brussels

I’m currently doing an internship with Needcompany in Brussels.

They came to Dublin once, in 2004, and I was lucky enough to see No Comment at the Samuel Beckett Theatre. I was utterly captivated and inspired, so it’s exciting to connect with them now.

Masters in KASK, Ghent

I’m currently doing a Masters in Multimedia at KASK (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts). I’m falling in love with the city of Ghent, and taking this time to re-visit and refine my working methods, visions and dreams.

All Structures Are Unstable

All Structures Are Unstable was a collaboration with Swedish dance artist, Maria Svensson, made during our residency in Daghdha Dance Company.  It was recently re-screened at If Only in Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, Offaly.

MILLIPEDE: 1 April in Occupy Space

MILLIPEDE: an evening that stomps and kicks, dances and sings.

An evening of movement and noise I hosted in Occupy Space last Friday:

Thanks to Robin Parmar for taking pictures on the night.

Capturing Kaspar – Video Stills

Some stills from ‘Capturing Kaspar’, a video I shot last winter with the irrepressible Kaspar Aus…


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